Society is tailor-made for a child's failure.

"It will be no accident if the child goes wrong: the contemporary society is tailor-made for a child's failure... The way to happiness has on its route the loving and the helping of children from babyhood to the brink of adult life." from The Way to Happiness book, Precept 4 "LOVE AND HELP CHILDREN".

Our children truly are in jeopardy, as is clearly reflected in just a sampling of statistics.

With The Way to Happiness book and materials, parents, teachers and administrators can encourage their child or students to think for themselves as they develop values such as honesty, trust, loyalty, tolerance and competence.

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From a Parent

"I know that the common-sense guidance from The Way to Happiness has provided my children with a way to handle peer pressure and other negative influences they have come in contact with. I have observed the effectiveness of the book's messages and am so happy that I have found such a practical guide that I can use." TB

From a High School Teacher

"I have used The Way to Happiness booklet in my classes to aid in teaching value clarification techniques over the past two years. In all my years of experience, I have never found a more useful and effective tool for conveying and instilling in young people the foundation and framework from which to begin their life's work. Its appeal to the students I have dealt with (considering their diverse backgrounds and the social and educational problems they bring with them to our program) has been utterly amazing!" RU

Student Successes from Seminars in the Middle East

  • "I learned that not only money and material things are needed. Happiness and being good to man are needed."

  • "I learned that if I wish to reach something I have to work for it, not sit at home and watch TV but keep on trying."

  • "I realized that it's better to be happy than to use violence and that I should ignore little criticisms."

  • "I realized violence could be prevented by more effective understandings."

From a Reverend on Preventing Crime

"By educating ourselves, and our children, in the fundamental lessons for life from The Way to Happiness book we can PREVENT crime and drug abuse before it starts."
Reverend Dr. Ronald L. Jackson, Sr., Executive Director, American Betterment Corps

From a Supporter

"There is not a problem facing the world today that this little guidebook of common sense cannot solve. It can be used to run a household or a business. Governments can be lead by it! The tone of a nation could be set by it.

"And if I were to run a school, a college, or any form of instruction or teaching of others, it would be a mandatory course!

"It is without question, the most powerful non-religious book in the world and I would challenge anyone to bring a problem of life to me that I cannot solve with this book!"