We want you to be able to help those you care about.

The fact that you are visiting this page would indicate that you have an interest in creating a better life for yourself and others. Thank you. People like you truly are special and are factually the ones that keep society working.

Nobody likes having a family member, friend or colleague who is unemployed, depressed, over-worked or unhappy. In fact, it can even bring your own happiness and well-being down when such a person is around. However, they CAN be helped, and they CAN find happiness.

The Way to Happiness is a simple, straightforward guide to good choices.

It is the CHOICES made that are the key factors in determining one's happiness and quality of life. The Way to Happiness book is a simple, straightforward and direct guide to help individuals make good choices and decisions.

The 21 guidelines of The Way to Happiness clearly illustrate what a person needs to do to succeed in life and be genuinely happy. Each chapter includes an in-depth essay that is easy to read and understand. It teaches in a way that makes sense and can give a person the understanding needed to make intelligent, correct decisions in life.

You can help by giving The Way to Happiness books to family members, friends, business acquaintances, customers and members of the community to help others live a happier life.

"I was in a lot of trouble as a teenager. I was one of those kids namelessly referred to as the 'problem out there'. And it was true. Trouble with the law, my school, my parents. If I wasn't destroying property, I was stealing something. And believe me, I was not doing well personally... committing crimes, [abusing] alcohol, and I was getting into drugs.

"My school reports contained 'As', but only in the word 'absent'. My parents left a copy of The Way to Happiness on my bed one day, and I sat down and read it. The book contained many ideas and concepts that I had always wanted to live up to, but had failed at, even some real simple ones that I thought weren't a problem for me, such as 'Be Worthy of Trust', but in fact had failed at, too. Something happened to me when I stared that cold hard fact in the face, and realized I was not worthy of trust. I decided to change.

"I started making correct decisions in my life. I am now quite a successful actor, and composer. In fact my first International World Premiere is this August in Germany with the Brandenburg Philharmonic Orchestra. I support this program because I know if my parents hadn't given me the book, I'd probably be in a cell right now. That's what the book did for me, and if these concepts and the book can be gotten into the hands of others like me, I'll back it up all the way."

Performing Artist