It is the choices made that are the key factors in determining your happiness and quality of life. The Way to Happiness book is a simple, straightforward and direct guidebook to help individuals make positive or good choices and decisions.

The 21 guidelines of The Way to Happiness clearly illustrate what a person needs to do to succeed in life and be genuinely happy. Each chapter includes an in-depth essay that is easy to read and understand. It teaches in a way that makes sense and can give a person the understanding needed to make intelligent, correct decisions in life.

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  • Essential advice for the success of any relationship page 7

  • What you need to know in order to raise a child to be self-reliant and of good character page 9

  • How to be on good terms with your parents page 12

  • How to recognize false data being forced on you and how to handle it page 15

  • How to improve your own self-image and at the same time improve how others view you page 26

  • What is it that makes you valuable in the eyes of others page 33

  • What you can do right now to lessen your sorrow or to simply give your morale a boost page 37

  • How to effectively study any subject and become truly competent page 39

  • How to improve the way others treat you page 55

  • How to handle someone who seeks to keep you down and make nothing of your hopes and dreams page 61