Our purpose at The Partnership for Better Living is to provide helpful information and assistance to those wishing to find greater happiness in their lives, make improvements in their relationships with family and friends, help children and students navigate the difficult choices they are faced with every day, and help improve the ethics and morals of our society. We want to do what we can so people can be happier, more able and productive in life.

The Way to Happiness is a guide that one can use to better his or her quality of life. It provides 21 basic principles which are entirely nonreligious and can be followed by anyone. No one can argue with a code of conduct that encourages one to treat others with kindness, compassion and respect. The Way to Happiness is the solution to the many problems our friends, families, neighbors and co-workers are faced with every day. And the real power of this booklet is best seen when it is shared with others. That is why we are offering you a free copy of this booklet so you can see for yourself how The Way to Happiness can improve your life as well as the lives of those with whom you share it.

We wish you much happiness!

Winning at anything brings pleasure - but winning at life is what brings the greatest and lasting happiness.


The Way to Happiness' book outlines simple, practical and powerful guidelines for living that you can use to successfully steer your way down the road to a happy, successful life. Read it for yourself.


The Way to Happiness book is an effective tool:

  • For anyone wanting real life knowledge that can be applied to improve oneself

  • For parents to use with their children

  • For use in character education programs

  • As a gift for a friend or family member who might be having personal difficulties

These videos show powerful examples of how The Way to Happiness is a vital guide for life in this modern world. Each presentation brings home the message that you can improve life and attain happiness for yourself and those around you. Click here to view all 21 PSA's

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