Thousands of stories illustrate what individuals can do to help others simply by distributing The Way to Happiness booklets.

One person tells of how he helped two people find the way to happiness and helped them with their relationship:

"A young couple sat down near my display and were arguing. I walked over to them with two copies of The Way to Happiness. After the young man told me he was going off to college and wanted to date other girls while gone, I understood why his pregnant girlfriend was so upset.

"I turned to the precept 'Be Faithful to Your Sexual Partner' and read it aloud to the young man. I said, 'We're not even talking about your girlfriend's happiness; we are talking about your happiness. This booklet is The Way to Happiness. Do you want to be happy?' He replied that he did want to be happy and sat down and started intently studying the booklet.

"The salesman went back to packing up his display. The girl was still crying, but also reading her copy of the booklet. After about 10 minutes, the young man jumped over the brick wall and ran into a nearby store.

"He returned with two huge heart-shaped balloons," said the salesman. "He hopped over the brick wall, handed both balloons to her and whispered something in her ear. They embraced, kissed and literally skipped down the sidewalk, arm in arm, with the two The Way to Happiness booklets and the two heart-shaped balloons bouncing along with them. This incredible booklet had just changed their lives for the better."

My name is Paul Sampson (not real name). About six years ago my girlfriend got pregnant. I was young and stupid and very afraid. I had no money and to pay for the doctor bills I did something even more stupid. I stole a car.

Ten days later I was arrested for possession of stolen property with attempt to sell. Later I was also charged with auto theft.

My girlfriend was devastated and moved to San Francisco to stay with her mother. I was in jail for more than two years. I have not been able to see my 5-year-old daughter.

Then about a month ago a young man approached me. He was selling books. I remember that he said his name was Josh. I was unable to buy the book from him but we talked for a while. He asked me some questions that really made me think. As he left he gave me a small booklet called The Way to Happiness. He told me that all the ways to clean up my life and be truly happy were in that booklet. He then gave me this address and said that if I needed any more information to write to this address.

I read the booklet many times. I read it so much that it brought tears to my eyes. I knew right then that I had to clean up my life. I stopped drinking and being promiscuous. I complied 100% with my Parole Office.

I am glad to say that I have been given approval to go to San Francisco to see my daughter for the first time! My girlfriend has even agreed to see about patching things up between us and being a family.

I will never forget your kindness Josh! I hope this letter finds you. I could not remember your last name, but wanted to thank you.

Thank you Josh for saving my life! May the Lord bless you always. I pray that others will be blessed by your kindness.

Thank you again, Paul Sampson